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In carrying out this mission the ECIC will measure performance against aggressive impact and outcome targets. A comprehensive results framework has been designed to set a baseline and actively track outcomes over the 5 years, especially to capture women and girls’ involvement in the program. We are delivering a complex mix of economic, environmental and social results, including job creation, reductions of carbon dioxide emission, greater climate resiliency and reduced vulnerability, and access to clean energy, safe drinking water, better sanitation and strengthened technology transfer and local innovation capacity.

The ECIC will become fully established in the next five years. Its target results include:

  • Mitigate up to 0.8 million tons of CO2 and protect/avoid loss of 31,000 acres of forest.
  • Install up to 120MW of off-grid power capacity, providing additional access to up to 265,000 Ethiopians and 56,000 households.
  • Provide access to clean water to up 420,000 Ethiopians and 90,000 households including preventing up to 170 deaths from water born disease.
  • Provide better/cheaper food for up to 430,000 households and improve the efficiency of up to 120,000 small-scale farms.
  • Overall, contribute to 3.1 million Ethiopians, including women and girls, being less vulnerable to climate change.