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The Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center (ECIC) will provide a holistic set of early-stage financing, business support and capacity building services to the Ethiopian private sector, including women and rurally based entrepreneurs and business owners, working to develop, launch and grow innovative climate technology ventures that promote Ethiopia’s climate resilience and green growth.


  • Providing flexible financing to: (i) accelerate the development of localized technologies and (ii) catalyze new climate technology businesses.
  • Providing critical pre- and post-investment technical assistance to the private sector through developing robust mentor networks and offering targeted advisory services.
  • Supporting consistent and favorable regulatory environments, including access to international expertise for climate technology entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Identifying and unlocking market opportunities through providing access to key market and technology information while actively promoting sector opportunities and technology benefits.
  • Facilitating linkages with rural and regional partners to: (i) support a targeted outreach and education campaign for women-enabled innovation and (ii) forge linkages with universities and facility providers to support cost-effective access to equipment, office space and talent.
  • Placing women and girls as a central strategy of the Center and ensuring both targeted and mainstreamed gender programs are effectively monitored and evaluated to simultaneously maximize impact of the CIC in fostering technology innovation to combat climate change and promote gender equality.