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The CIC provides a range of services to support entrepreneurs developing climate mitigation and adaptation solutions to grow their ideas and take their businesses to the next level. These services include:

Expertise and mentorship

The CIC providesbusiness and technical expertise and mentorship to equip SMEs with the skills and knowledge they need to turn appropriate technologies into viable businesses. This is achieved by:

  • Providing entrepreneurs with tailored business advice and training on areas such as business planning, financial modeling, marketing, managing operations and sustainability
  • Delivering technical support and training on product design, equipment use and manufacturing
  • Supporting entrepreneurs with legal matters such as guidance on intellectual property (IP)

Technical Facilities

The Ethiopia CIC and its partners,may provide access to technical facilities for product testing and demonstration.

Office Space

The Ethiopia CIC is developing a co-working space that will provide a working environment for small companies that is equivalent to the space and amenities one might find in a large company. Access to the co-working space will include secretarial services, use of equipment, and facilities for networking and business meetings. In addition, the CIC will offer business training and technical assistance that would be typical of a traditional business incubation program.

Policy Advice and Advocacy

The CIC will work closely with the government and other interested groups to develop policies that support the adoption of green technologies.